SOFIVA PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy)

Healthy embryo is critical to successful pregnancy

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■ Chromosomal abnormalities in embryos related to miscarriage

The causes of *infertility and *recurrent miscarriage are complicated; and are related to the physiological functions of both men and women. Among them, chromosomal abnormalities in embryos account for about 60% of miscarriage.

Couples with normal physiological functions can also produce abnormal sperms and ovums, resulting in chromosomal abnormalities in embryos; and such abnormality rate significantly increases with age.

* Infertility: General couples who have not practiced contracep tion for one year and cannot get pregnant naturally.
* Recurrent miscarriage: Those who suffer from early spontaneous abortion (ESA) for more than twice.

■ Healthy embryo is the key to successful IVF

During the IVF treatment, the reproduction center will observe the morphology of embryo in order to find good embryos. PGT-A can find healthy embryos and select embryos with a high pregnancy success rate.

■ PGT-A increase pregnancy success rate to 70%

Add PGT-A in IVF treatment can effectively increase the pregnancy success rate of IVF.


Recommended In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment groups:

◆ Those who want to understand embryo chromosomal health
◆ Senior women over 34 years old
◆ Women who have had more than two miscarriages
◆ Repeated embryo implantation failures
◆ Having a family history of chromosomal abnormalities


■ A comprehensive evaluation on the health of embryo

Obtain the embryo specimen to comprehensively evaluate the embryo chromosomal status and implantation potential.

A comprehensive scoring for PGT-A

◆ Total chromosomal screening: The number of chromosome sets found in embryo cells by NGS technology.
◆ Proportion of mosaic embryos: Analyze different karyotypes in the same embryonic cell and the proportions thereof.
◆ Improve analytical resolution: A dual analysis of the original international supplier and SOFIVA Genomics’database can upgrade the bioinformatics algorithm.

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■ Can SOFIVA PGT-A harm the embryo?

Embryo biopsy shall be carried out in a PGT-A test and this requires a professional embryologist to remove a few cells from the embryo using an extremely thin glass needle. This technique has been developed for many years that no literature indicates this technique can harm the embryos.
◆ If the embryo does not grow well, embryo biopsy may not be carried out as it can result in embryo shrinkage.
Please consult with a specialist physician.

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