Our understanding of the genomics landscape of cancer continues to expand. As we identify more markers, tools that can interrogate and generate results in a single test become increasingly relevant.

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SOFIVA CGP offers the greatest insights from a single assay

Use AVENIO Tumor Tissue CGP kit Powered by FoundationOne® to widely analyze tumor genes and related clinical variants.

■ Comprehensive analysis
324 Cancer relate genes

■ NGS Genetic Test
Single nucleotide variations (SNV), Insertions and deletions (InDel), Copy number variations (CNV), Gene rearrangement

■ Complete genome analysis
Tumor mutation burden, Microsatellite instability, Loss of heterozygosity (*Only for ovarian cancer)

■ Completed in Taiwan
Shorter testing time, Professional genetic counseling, Real-time reply detection problem



■ Testing specifications

SOFIVA CGP not only uses the testing technology and analysis platform that are identical with that of FoundationOne®, but also the entire testing process takes place in Taiwan to provide you with a rapid and convenient testing service.

The content of SOFIVA CGP is identical with that of FoundationOne

1. Identical content of test:
324 genes, identify 4 variants and 3 gene characterizationz.

2. Identical testing technology: Hybrid capture-based NGS sequenceing
Use a continuous probe to identify the target genes. Comparing with Amplicon-based NGS, it can better identify complexity and gene coverage uniformity.

3. Identical biological information analysis platform: FoundationOne Analysis Platform
The analysis is carried out using the FoundationOne Analysis Software plus AVENIO Connect
Software. This analysis platform has been verified by over 500,000 clinical specimens that cover over 100 types of cancer; and the database thereof is instantly updated.

Whole process performed in Taiwan

1. Shorter turnaround time (testing time) and easy-to-control testing progress.
2. A user-friendly interface that clearly present the report.
3. Offering opinions that cannot be offered by conventional one-marker tests.
4. Good services and support in r eal time.
5. Genetic consulting services provided by professional genetic consultant.

Patient Story

How It Works

1. The physician or nursing staff explain the content of test.

2. Sign the consent form and collect specimen.

3. Send the sample to SOFIVA GENOMICS.

4. Analysis of experimental data.

5. Report completed in 10 working days.


■ Gene list
Designed to match the content of the 324 gene FoundationOne® CDx panel

Genes with full coding exonic regions for the detection of substitutions, insertiondeletions (InDels), and copy-number alterations (CNAs).

Select Rearrangements:
Genes with select intronic regions for the detection of gene rearrangements, one gene with a promoter regions, and one non-coding RNA gene.