SOFIVA Prostate Cancer Genetic Test

Designed for prostate cancer targeted therapy

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Information on medication of PARP inhibitors and immunotherapy drugs

HRR gene + MMR gene + Microsatellite Instability(MSI)

■ Gene list(21 gene)


◆Prostate cancer patients who want to be treated with PARP inhibitors.

◆Prostate cancer patients who want to use pembrolizumab immunotherapy drug.

◆Those who want to know if they are inherited Lynch syndrome or not.


■ Test specifications

Patient Story

How It Works

1. Physicians/ Nurses explain procedures and contents.

2. Sign the consent form and collect blood and FFPE specimen.

3. Sample delivered to SOFIVA Genomics.

4. Analysis of experimental data.

5. Report completed in 15 working days.


■ Why choose SOFIVA GENOMICS? Eight features of our testing

*DNA extracted from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue is fragmented, which is difficult to be detected its rearranged large genomic region. Combined with MLPA (Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification) to analyze the DNA from blood, the possible mutations in the genome can be identified comprehensively.