SOFIVA Women Cancer

Hereditary Women Cancer : Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Endometrial cancer

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■ What is hereditary cancer?

Everyone has two copies of most genes, one copy from mother and one from father. Most people are born with two normal copies of each gene. Hereditary cancers occur when a person is born with mutations in one
copy of gene. In this case, the changes were inherited from the mother or father.

People with an inherited gene change have a 50% chance to pass down the genetic mutation to children. Not all people who inherit a mutation
in one or more of their genes will develop cancer, however, the risk for
developing cancer will be greater if a person inherits a mutation in a
cancer-related gene. The medical community uses the term "genetic
susceptibility" to describe the high risk for cancer in people with an
inherited mutation.

SOFIVA Women Cancer includes high-risk and intermediate-risk cancer
susceptibility genes of hereditary breast, ovarian and endometrial


◆ who have cancer in their family

◆ who would like to know the risk of cancer


◆ Associated hereditary cancer : Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer,
Endometrial cancer

◆ Genes analyzed : 24 genes

◆ Technology:NGS

Patient Story

How It Works

Step1. Consulting with physician to understand the test content

Step2. Go hospitals to collect specimen and fill out the consent form

Step3. Send sepcimen to SOFIVA lab

Step4. DNA extraction and analysis

Step5. The report will be provided in 4 weeks