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International Standards Certification

Sofiva has been inspected, and Sofiva’s quality and capabilities have been certified. This confirms that the testing services offered by Sofiva are safe, swift, and accurate.

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Awards and Recognitions

Sofiva actively pursues awards which will demonstrate their excellence to the public. In so doing, we seek to have the high quality and market advantages of our products and services recognized by impartial judges.

Golden Torch Awards

Sofiva Genomics received Golden Torch Awards for being one of the “Top Ten Enterprises with Potential” and for developing one of the “Top Ten Products with Potential”.

Discovery Interview

CEO Dr. Yi-Ning Su was interviewed on the Discovery show “BIRTH-DAYS: Science Babies”.

Breakthrough Award

Sofiva Genomics received the Breakthrough Award in recognition of our innovative medical technologies.

National Brand Yushan Award

Sofiva Genomics received the National Brand Yushan Award for Excellent Enterprises in recognition of our strong enterprise management and brand competitiveness.

Golden Peak Award

Sofiva Genomics received Golden Peak Awards for being one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises” and developing one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Products".

Number One Brand Award

Sofiva Genomics was recognized as an excellent enterprise by the Number One Brand Award of the ROC Consumer Health and Safety Organization.

National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award and SNQ Symbol

Sofiva’s received the bronze National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award and the SNQ Symbol of National Quality in recognition of non-invasive prenatal screening+ technique.

National Innovation Award

Sofiva Genomics received the National Innovation Award for applying non-invasive prenatal screening+ techniques to prenatal diagnoses.

Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation Award

Sofiva Genomics received a bronze medal at the Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation Excellence Award.


• Sofiva Genomics works closely with top experts and medical laboratories around the world, such as llumina® and Roche, to provide customers with the most advanced and high-quality services.

Affiliated Enterprises

Sofiva Genomics is part of an integrated industry chain and abandons individualism to create professionalism and value with strong team power and advanced healthcare concepts.


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Sofiva offers the most clinical experience and highest testing efficiency in Taiwan


Sofiva Genomics respect and protects customers' privacy.
Sofiva Genomics website ("the Website or Websites") require entry of personal information and may record that information in a database when performing reservations, inquiries, member registrations and other such procedures. Sofiva Genomics and its members and Sofiva Genomics Enterprises use the information recorded to provide services beneficial to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have further questions or inquires.

Management of personal information
The database containing the personal information of customers using the Websites is managed by designated administrators of Sofiva Genomics and contractors to Sofiva Genomics. Customers' email addresses may be used for the transmission of Sofiva Genomics's email newsletters and for email transmissions from Sofiva Genomics & Resorts members. No personal information other than the email address is disclosed for such purposes.
Customers' personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without permission.

Revision of privacy policy
Significant modifications to this privacy policy will be announced on the Website. Please refer to this privacy policy page as occasion calls for up-to-date information. Sofiva Genomics shall bear no responsibility for any discrepancies resulting from neglecting to confirm to the current policy.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice
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