March 10 ,  2022

瑞士SOPHiA GENETICS和台灣基因檢測龍頭慧智基因合作打造HRD檢測

國際媒體美通社報導:瑞士SOPHiA GENETICS和台灣基因檢測龍頭慧智基因合作打造HRD檢測,為精準醫療發展再進一步

SOFIVA GENOMICS, which is one of the largest genetic testing companies in Taiwan aiming to provide genetic testing to clinicians, is the first institution in Asia Pacific to adopt SOPHiA GENETICS technology to support HRD testing. SOFIVA GENOMICS has been deeply involved in the field of clinical medicine and cancer monitoring for many years and found great success while implementing the solution for advanced HRD (Homologous Recombination Deficiency) detection using deep learning with the SOPHiA DDM Platform.

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