January 21 ,  2022

SOFIVA Cancer Monitor and SOFIVA Baby Scan Received SNQ Affirmation

Today, SOFIVA Genomics (6615), a leading brand in genetic testing, received SNQ accreditation for two of its cutting-edge products: SOFIVA Cancer Monitor and SOFIVA Baby Scan, which have achieved a sales growth of over 90% and 200%, respectively, in the last two years. Dr. Chia-Cheng Hung, General Manager of SOFIVA, asserted, “We are dedicated to providing high-quality testing services and developing new products that meet market demand. We are particularly critical about our most popular products, constantly striving to improve product quality and maximize user experiences.” SOFIVA's products are rooted in maternal-fetal medicine and targeted cancer treatment. These specialized products have allowed the Company to achieve steady growth in recent years. Moreover, the National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, has recently expressed interest in including next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genetic testing into the National Health Insurance ecosystem, which will not only make genetic testing available to the masses but also allow SOFIVA to expand its precision services to a broader patient base.

SNQ-Guaranteed Tests Are Fully Completed in Taiwan 
Genetic data breaches have always been a major safety concern in genetic testing. Dr. Chia-Cheng Hung, General Manager of SOFIVA, reassured, “At SOFIVA, all tests are completed in laboratories in Taiwan. Our services are integrated and seamless. From counseling, sample collection, and inspection to testing, reporting, and physician consultation, we aim to provide our clients with complete peace of mind. Over the years, our products and services have earned numerous awards and accreditations. These achievements are a testament to SOFIVA's professionalism and industry-leading quality. Looking forward, we will continue to launch diversified genetic testing products that meet market demand and partner with various hospitals and medical institutions to expand accessibility. Once the NHI covers genetic testing, we will be able to make precision medicine available to the masses without burdening our clients financially and wasting medical resources.”